I dunno I dunno

I dunno I dunno

I dunno

I want tickets to one of your live shows and/or Wacky Racists !

Here’s my calendar and here’s the Wacky Racists linktree

I’m obsessed with you in an unhealthy way. 

If we’re dating/friends, it is so cute that you clicked this!
If we’re not, seek help!

I hate you. 

Aw, buddy. It sucks that my work - or more likely, my mere existence - makes you feel some type of way.
Here is a resource that might help next time you feel overwhelmed.

I want to send you free shit / fanmail / reparations.

Send me shmoney here. Physical items can be sent to
Sophie Duker
℅ Avalon Management
4a Exmoor Street
W10 6BD
Anything dangerous or disgusting will be destroyed.